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We love our Chihuahua puppies and we are very proud of them, our reputation speaks for itself.  You will receive a purchase agreement which allows you 48 hours to have your puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian - and we recommend you to do so.  If a genetic or physical problem makes your puppy at poor health risk, except hypoglycemia the buyer will be provided with a healthy puppy of the same quality and price range.  NO REFUNDS, if there is not a puppy available at the time, the next available puppy with the same quality and price range will be provided.  I must be notified within the 48 hours you are given.  We will need written evidence from your licensed veterinarian of any disorder along with his address and phone number.  It will be the buyers expense to return the puppy along with their registration papers and medical evidence.  We are not responsible for vet bills.
I do not guarantee the size of a pup.  I can give you an idea of what the chihuahua weight chart would predict and also weigh them from birth and twice a day until they leave.  So, I can give you an idea on the weight chart and from looking at the moms and dads, but NO I do not gurantee size.
The price of my pups start at $450 & up.   They are priced on size and quality of potential to show (can only tell this by 6 months of age for certain) and so forth.  Yes the tiny ones cost more, as it takes much more of our time and we keep them longer to make sure they are just as healthy as all the other chi babies. 
Your puppy comes with registration papers and may be subject to limited registration,  health guarantee,  puppy pack (with sample of current food), shot/dewormer record.   The very blanket that helped bring them into this world (don't worry, it is washed and fresh daily...................but will be with baby and siblings so he/she will have their scent to help them adjust to new home when they are no longer here and missing everyone) helps them when they go home to their forever homes and helps relieve any stress.  And yes DO baby talk your new puppy because that is what they will expect because that is what they receive here in our home.
Deposit is required to keep a pup for you.  If you see a puppy that is available that you want, it is in your best interest to contact us and make an arrangement for deposit, which is 1/2 price of the pup,  non-refundable (if you change your mind) and non-transferrable ****unless there is a health condition we decide the puppy cannot leave*****, to hold this puppy for you until it is time for your precious puppy to come home to you.  First come first serve.  We cannot and will not hold it for you because you say you like him/her and thats the one you want.  Your only chance of actually getting the puppy you "got to have"  is to contact us and make the deposit to guarantee we have your puppy waiting for you.  Before a deposit is accepted you tell us when you will pick your pup up or we will tell you the first day that it can be picked up.  Once we set a date, there will be a $20 a day fee to take care of your baby and if vaccinations or deworming preventatives have to be given while they are here for the extra time that you did not pick your baby up you will be billed for this also.
We ship pups that are larger.  We would prefer for you to come to North Carolina and pick your new family member up.  We also have people that will meet half way, or straight to your driveway.  This service is for your convenience and is $30 an hour  ****this is subject to change without notice as gas is up & down so much lately*****  (This is a convenience for you, people will not work for free.  If you are able to drive to get your baby yourself, it will save you $$$)
If your baby is a tiny chihuahua, no airplane without you!!  You must arrange to fly in to pick up an extraordinary tiny chihuahua so the pup can ride inside cabin with you.  NO not waste your time asking.....WE DO NOT SHIP teeny tiny chi pups solo in cargo....NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.....JUST DO NOT ASK (THANKS IN ADVANCE:) Pups that are bigger can fly to you, with an addition to a carrier traveling a total of 5 hours ($30 per hour) to and from the airport plus their airfare and their health certificate to fly.  On the average, $150 to hand deliver to nearest airport which is a 5 hour roundtrip, $210-$225 ticket for pet to fly, $25 pet taxi, $50 health certificate to fly.  And of course, you are more than welcome to drive here yourself and pick your precious angel up as many others who are able do.

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