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Welcome to Americas Chihuahua!  We are glad you came by to see us.


We have bred chihuahuas only for over 50 years.  We are NOT a puppymill but we are a small kennel that is AKC inspected and passed 100%.  All our adult chi's have heat and air conditioned homes, with outdoor running areas.  And all our moms come inside with me while pregnant and when whelping and weaning their pups.  Pups NEVER step on grass until fully vaccinated.  And if you get your baby before it receives all vaccinations.....we recommend you do the same. Hopefully we can assist you in finding your new family member or show prospect.




"Teacup" or "PocketBook" chihuahua are terms I have learned over the years from customers looking for a very small chihuahua.  That is all they truely are, tiny chihuahuas.  I know what people are looking for when this term is used.  They are only registered as chihuahua, that's it.  The term identifies the smallest of the smallest dog in the world already.  Alot of breeders list breeders that recognize the term teacup chihuahua or pocketbook chihuahua or microtiny chihuahua as bad breeders or a way to get more money, THAT'S NOT TRUE.   If we did not recognize what a customer asked for by name after over 50 years of breeding them, well then I think I would be a bad breeder or just plain stupid all together.  And when you do find these breeders displaying this, notice each and everytime, they use the term themselves.  So, that said, a chihuahua is registered as a chihuahua.  They can be very tiny and they can be average size.   Be careful when you chose a breeder, there are so many good ones out there.  The sad thing is there are so many more, that are not good ones.  If you want an extremely small chihuahua and we have one, we will let you know.  If we do not have one, then we will tell you that we do not.  When people say that  the tinies are runts bred to runts!!  Not true again, we have never bred a 2 pound female chihuahua.  And would question anyone that would.  We have bred all these years, and cannot see HOW or WHY someone would breed a 2 pound female.   Then you have breeders that put down the "tiny" chihuahua as unhealthy, when in fact they have just as good as chance of being healthy as the average chihuahua.  I find they just tell people this because they do not care to give their time to help a smaller one along.  And then some never see a tiny.  And you cannot breed just for tinies, NO WAY.  Which will reflect the more expensive price you may pay for a much smaller chihuahua.  One.....everyone wants the smallest one available *supply and demand*, and there is much more time involved with the extra tiny chihuahua for the breeder that knows what they have.  For someone with no experience and an extremely tiny chihuahua actually survives with no human contact, then they got lucky.  Therefore they will keep the baby themselves or sell it at the price of the rest of the litter.  Chihuahuas are like boxes of chocolate too, you never know EXACTLY what you are going to get, you may have an idea if you do a repeat breed to the same pair, but no guarantees.  So do your homework, find a good breeder.  Use your 6th sense (common sense) when dealing with breeders.  All of them!

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